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DRNotes allows authorized clinicians to manage the daily interaction with patients while creating high quality SOAP notes without interfering with the patient – doctor relationship.


TranscribeME is a unique and flexible transcription application designed for use with the DRNotes Mobile Application. TranscribeME allows the registered user of the DRNotes app to assign a transcriber to transcribe the high quality recorded notes saved on the DRNotes app.

ProSynq Products

  ProSynq is a cloud based platform that is designed to bring easy mobile device access to professionals that need to access data on the go. The ProSynq platform allows data to be captured from a mobile device that may

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DRNotes is an EMR designed to capture medical data the same way doctors learned to capture patient data in medical school. It is a mobile EMR that captures information at the point of patient care, with or without an internet connection.