DRNotesĀ is an innovative medical application solution that was designed by doctors and developed by Dryve IT Inc. Doctors worked with the Dryve IT team to develop the application to address the complexity and usability issues of many existing EMR, EHR and medical charge capture applications.

The architects and developers of Dryve IT have over 50 years experience in building large scale transaction processing systems used to manage millions of customer transaction records in the telecommunications industry.We have developed the ProSynq Cloud Service which uses our own proprietary data synchronization algorithms that are optimized for performance while ensuring full security, auditability, and permanent user audit trails. All the data on the DRNotes service can be orologi repliche synchronized and stored on our ProSynq cloud service and shared among authorized users according to sharing rules. This is particularly important in industries such as the health care industry where users have common patients and ease of data capture, data integrity and security are paramount.

Dryve IT applies this expertise to the development of user oriented mobile applications in the medical industry that benefit from the ability to capture, share and synchronize bedside and outpatient patient information in a secure, easily accessible platform with easy access to third party applications such as EMR systems.