1. Do I have to pay for the DRNotes app?

The DRNotesMD mobile application is absolutely free. DRNotesMD is a a full featured mobile EMR application that is ideal for individual physicians who wants to have electronic records of all patients available on their Apple mobile phone or tablet.

In order to use the ProSynq service and TranscribeMe or TranscribePro transcription services, you must subscribe to the service. DRNotesOFC backend clinic operations web app requires a ProSynq subscription.  When you install the DRNotesMD app, you will get a free 1 month trial subscription to ProSynq and TranscribeMe.

For more information please see the “Contact Us” tab.

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2. If I choose to use the DRNotesMD free app, is my data secure?

We have developed the DRNotes app exclusively for the Apple iOS environment to ensure the highest levels of security and data integrity.The Apple iCloud service and Apple iTunes allows you to automatically create encrypted backups of your data. So you never need to worry about losing your valuable data even if you only use the free DRNotesMD app.

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3. How do you keep my data secure on the ProSynq cloud?

All communications between the mobile app, web application and our servers use 256 bit encrypted data on proprietary APIs. Therefore your data is very secure as it goes from your mobile device or PC to the ProSynq servers. The DRNotes Web Server uses a client server architecture that restricts accesses between our web server and our backend ProSynq database servers. Therefore, even in the unlikely event that someone hacks into our web server, he will have no access to the database servers unless he has access to the keys stored on your mobile device or attached to your user login on the web server. Each key is unique for every ProSynq user so even if a hacker gets hold of a single user’s key, he would have access to only the data of the compromised user and would not have any access to your data.

In order to ensure your data is 100% protected:

1. Make sure that you use a strong password for your ProSynq account.

2. Enable password protection on your iOS device. This encrypts the data on the mobile device and makes it virtually impossible to extract your key from the mobile device without the iOS password.

3. Regularly change your passwords.

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 4. Can I edit My Favorite ICD codes?

You can edit a My Favorite ICD using the MyICD menu on the menu page. You can access the menu page by tapping on the menu icon (three short horizontal lines on the upper left of the patient display page). You can delete a myICD code entry by swiping the entry to the left and pressing the [Delete] button.

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5. I would like to sort my InPatients by Room Number. How do I do this?

When rounding, we suggest you use the InPatients display list. All patients in the InPatients display list are sorted by room number to facilitate doing patient rounds. The patients on the All Patient List is sorted alphabetically to make it easier to find patients by name.

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6. What is displayed in the Today List?

The Today List contains the list of all the outpatients scheduled for today and all the active inpatients. Outpatients are sorted by the Start of Care Time and Inpatients are sorted by room. All patients are grouped by Care Location.

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 7. How do I schedule Outpatient Appointments?

Simply specify the future date and time for the appointment when creating a Care Event for the patient. All Outpatients will be displayed in the Outpatient Display List. You can edit the appointment date by tapping on the Patient name on the Note View and tapping the edit button.

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8. Can I use the DRNotes app when I am offline?

Yes. All data you enter while offline is stored on the mobile device. If you do not have a ProSynq subscription you can back up the data on the mobile device automatically to iCloud or to iTunes. If you have a ProSynq subscription, all data on the mobile will automatically be synced with the ProSynq servers when you have an active Internet connection.

When using the free DRNotesMD app, the only time you need to have an Internet connection is when registering and activating your mobile device.

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9. Can I print directly from the DRNotesMD mobile app?

Currently you can only print your Notes, Prescriptions, Medical Certificates and Billing Reports from the DRNotesOFC.

We will be implementing support for printing of Notes, Prescriptions and Medical Certificates from the mobile device using AirPrint in the near future.

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 10. I want to have different templates for notes. Can I create other note templates?

We are in the process of adding many note templates to streamline the use of the app by doctors of different specialties. We chose to implement initially SOAP notes since SOAP notes are the basic building block of all other note types.

If you have a request for a new note type, please send us a message through the “Contact Us” tab.

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11. Do you have an app for my clinic staff?

We will be releasing a version of DRNotes for Clinic staff. The app will allow your staff to accept patients and schedule appointments. We will also be creating special notes for vital signs and other data that is capture by your staff. For now, we recommend that your clinic staff use the DRNotesOFC web application.

We are also building a nurses application that can be used to create nurses notes for inpatients.

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12. How can I get a copy of the data stored in the app?

We are building a special tool that will allow you to get a copy of all the notes you have stored on the DRNotes ProSynq server.

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