TranscribeME Logo v1 - 171x140TranscribeME is a unique and flexible transcription application designed for use with the DRNotes Mobile Application. TranscribeME allows the registered user of the DRNotes app to assign a transcriber to transcribe the high quality recorded notes saved on the DRNotes app.

The assigned transcriber can be the staff of the clinician or a professional medical transcriber selected by the clinician. The TranscribeME application is a fully web-based application that can be accessed by the transcriber at any time from any Internet enabled PC browser. The application allows the transcriber to select the recording for transcription and to submit the transcription electronically. Transcriptions are fully integrated with the replicas de relojes de lujo recorded notes on the DRNotes Application and will automatically be synchronized and become available to the clinician as soon as the transcription is submitted.

TranscribME includes complete records of statistics of the transcription work including number of characters and words transcribed and length of transcribed recordings. This allows DRNotes users to outsource their transcriptions to professional medical transcribers who can bill the user separately for all transcription work. Of course, a doctor or clinician can also use TranscribeME to assign in house nurses or staff familiar with the workflow of the doctor to transcribe DRNotes recordings to ensure timely and accurate transcriptions.