ProSynq - 173x140ProSynq is a cloud based platform that is designed to bring easy mobile device access to professionals that need to access data on the go. The ProSynq platform allows data to be captured from a mobile device that may or not be connected to the Internet. When connected to the Internet, the ProSynq platform automatically synchronizes data with the ProSynq cloud servers. Data on the cloud servers can also be accessed from a web browser on a PC, Mac or Tablet. Since data is stored on the cloud servers, users are assured that their data is safe, secure and always accessible. ProSynq stores textual data on the mobile device but automatically stores all rich media including voice, video or images on the cloud servers. This minimizes the storage requirements on mobile devices and dramatically improves synchronization speeds.

Today we use the ProSynq platform to offer a fully working medical SOAP notes applications designed for clinicians.



DRNotes is a free iOS based APP that allows clinicians to store notes for an unlimited number patients on their iPhone or iPad tablet (limited by device storage). Notes can be stored as dictations, text or images captured using the built-in camera of the mobile device. When DRNotes is used with a ProSynq subscription, ProSynq brings permanent cloud storage of all notes, which allows a doctor to share medical notes with colleagues. Dictated notes can be assigned by the doctor to a transcriber who can transcribe all dictations through a simple web interface.

The simple easy to use DRNotes user interface allows clinicians to manage the daily interaction with patients while creating high quality SOAP notes at the point of care, without interfering with the patient relationship. The notes can be entered as dictations, manually typed, or selected from frequently used lists like ICD10 codes, CPT codes, Prescription Medicines or other client specified lists. Notes can also include photographs. The notes can be exported by email or printed or exported as structured data into a clinicians EMR to reduce claim rejections, streamline billing and maximize revenue.

DRNotes can be used offline in which case all data is stored on the mobile device. If a ProSynq subscription is activated, all the data stored on the mobile device is synchronized with the ProSynq cloud. With ProSynq Cloud, the doctor never will need to worry whether he has an Internet connection because all the captured data will automatically be synced on the cloud servers when an INternet connection is available.

The DRNotesMD application does not require any physical server infrastructure. A complete audit trail of all transactions is stored in the cloud which allows doctors to review historical records of patients to ensure accurate and fully documented diagnosis and recommendations. Patients may be shared among doctors for referrals through a fully encrypted communication channel. Since all SOAP notes are stored on the ProSynq servers, doctors can access their notes on multiple iPhone or iPad devices. Security considerations require that a doctor can only be logged into to one mobile device at a time. Patient notes can be shared with other primary care providers in order to ensure that all medical information of patients is available to all primary care providers of a particular patient.

Doctors may self-transcribe recordings, or assign these to their own preferred transcriptionists, or avail of professional transcription services.


TranscribeME is the integrated transcriber application designed for DRNotes. TranscribeME allows users of DRNotes to assign transcribers who can transcribe dictations made by the DRNotes user. The DRNotes user may assign multiple transcribers. In case the user assigns his dictations using TranscribeME to a professional transcriber, the application includes rating features that allows the transcriber to charge the DRNotes user based on dictation duration, number of characters or number of words for transcription services.


DRNotesOFC is a web browser based companion application for the DRNotes mobile application that allows the doctor to access all the data saved on the Prosynq cloud server from a PC, Mac or Tablet. A ProSynq subscription is required to be able to use DRNotesOFC. The application allows a doctor to access all the data stored on the DRNotes ProSynq server. Using the convenience of a browser on a PC, a physician can easily add patients, and quick pick lists including frequently used ICD10 codes, Procedure Codes and Prescription Medicines . DRNotesOFC also allows physicians to edit and print notes. Prescriptions can also be printed from the DRNotesOFC application. DRNotes also includes an application for tracking billings based on ICD10 assessment codes and Procedure Codes.