DRNotes was designed to help clinicians care for their patients without the distractions of complex EMR applications.  The application was designed to focus on the most important aspects of the patient care.  Doctors need a reliable means of keeping track of all patient interactions. DRNotes allows clinicians to easily generate SOAP notes with ICD assessments, and customizable treatment plans. Common clinic and hospital procedures can be stored for quick access and trade codes such as CPT codes along with customized descriptions can be added to the treatment plans with ease. Physicians can store  their Favorite Prescriptions to save time and improve accuracy while providing complete flexibility on how to enter dosage instructions.  All notes can be entered as text or as recorded dictations. Camera images can also be captured on SOAP notes for reference. Dictations can be transcribed by the staff of the doctor or assigned to a favorite transcriber. Access to the transcriber application is through a secure invitation process controlled and managed by the user.

DRNotes Lite is a completely free application. All that is required is a simple user and device registration. There are no restrictions on number of patients, notes, dictation recordings or captured images. The only limit is set by the amount of free storage on the iPhone or iPad of the user. DRNotes is currently only available on Apple iPhone and iPad as these are the only devices that meet the strict encryption and security requirements for storing medical information. With DRNotes, a user is limited to registering only one device per email ID.

DRNotes Professional is a paid subscription service that includes full access to and use of the ProSynq Cloud services.

ProSynq Cloud

ProSynq also provides a subscription based ProSynq Cloud storage service that enhances the DRNotes app and stores all notes including dictations and captured images on to the highly secure, high performance ProSynq servers. Since the application is designed to comply with strict information privacy and security requirements, all cloud data is stored in secure servers permanently. All  modifications or edits to the SOAP notes are also permanently stored so that a complete record of all transactions is always available in case there is a need to review detailed history of the notes.  The permanently stored notes can only be deleted if the user sends a verified request for deletion.
patients2notes-multiRegistered users of DRNotes Professional can access their patient SOAP note information from an unlimited number of devices . All of the users devices are synchronized through a proprietary algorithm with the ProSynq Cloud data servers. The physician can enter notes during rounds via dictation or by typing directly into the mobile phone. These notes can then be reviewed and edited on an iPad tablet. DRNotes Professional also has web based client server application for reviewing all note information from a PC or any web browser.

Subscribers to DRNotes Professional can also invite other physician to use the application in order to collaborate on the treatment of shared patients. All collaborating physicians can enter notes in the application for a shared patient. All notes for shared patients are visible to collaborating physicians to ensure that all patient information relevant to the patients care are available to the collaborating physician. All the information is synchronized seamlessly between all the devices of the physician and any notes for shared patients are automatically synchronized on the mobile device of collaborating physicians.

All recorded dictations  and captured images of ProSync Cloud users are saved on the cloud servers and deleted from the mobile device once synchronization is completed. This saves memory on the mobile devices and allows the images and dictations to be accessible via the cloud from all registered devices of the user. In case the user’s mobile device is lost or stolen, the cloud data is never lost and will automatically sync on a replacement device once the user registers the device in the ProSynq Cloud service.

The ProSynq Cloud user only has access to his own patient records. The application running on the users’ mobile device can only access the secure ProSynq data server through a secure encrypted link. The ProSynq server will only recognize queries for patients of the user and will never accept queries for patients unless done from a device registered to a user who has access to the patient. ProSynq uses a client server architecture and does not use a web browser based architecture for accessing data. The mobile device never has any direct access to the database and therefore unlike other mobile applications that access the cloud database using web access from a mobile device, ProSynq devices can never be used to “hack” the ProSync database. This guarantees that patient information cannot be accessed by anyone except their own physicians. The web based version of

We realize that the user is the sole owner of all data and we will never access the secure confidential data of the user unless directed by court order. The user can request at anytime for a copy of their stored data or for the permanent deletion of all stored data.


TranscribeME is a unique transcription service that allows the clinician to select and assign transcription work directly to his favorite transcriber. The clinician can assign his clinic assistant or any other individual to provide transcription service. Assignment of a transcription is as simple as sending an email invitation to the potential transcriber. Once authenticated, the transcriber uses the TranscribeME web based client server application to transcribe dictations. Since transcribers are assigned by the user, we do not charge any fee for any transcription work done. The TranscribeME subscription allows the DRNotes Professional user to use the service for a small flat monthly fee.  TranscribeME captures full statistics of transcription work and so can be used by the transcriber to send bills to the clinician for transcription work performed. At the same time the clinician can use the statistical reports to review the transcription work of his transcribers to evaluate transcriber performance.

TranscribeME Pro

In addition to the TranscribeME service, ProSynq also provides professional transcription services which can be easily accessed by a subscription. Charges are based on the amount of transcription work performed.